Laboratory Test

The company under the label “geoSTAND Co” has been founded the 30/06/2005 and is registered in the ommercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens under reg. number 231177, possesses a licence from the Greek Ministry of Public Works (KEDE) and an accreditation certificate from ESYD for a wide range of tests.
GeoSTAND has been planned in order to supply total engineering solutions in relation to geotechnical works. The organisational philosophy of the company is based on the supply of high quality services with state of the art equipment.
The activities field of the company covers the full range of geotechnical and infrastructure works and comprises:
– Geotechnical investigations and in situ tests
– Geotechnical laboratory testing (Soil Mechanics – Rock Mechanics)
– Building materials Quality Control
– Earthworks Quality Control,
– Concrete Quality Control
– Aggregates Quality Control
– Bituminous Mixtures Quality Control
– Non Destructive Tests
In the context of supplying total quality solutions of high level, a modern and fully equipped laboratory has been designed and realised, manned with skilled and experienced scientific and technical staff, covering the varying demands arousing in all phases, of any project that takes shape nowadays.

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