Soil mechanics

  • Determination of water content (moisture) of soils.
  • Determination of liquid limit, plastic limit and plasticity index of soils.
  • Determination of soils specific gravity.
  • Determination of unit weight of soils.
  • Sieve analysis of soils.
  • Particle size soil analysis by hydrometer.
  • Test of moisture – density relations of soils (standard and modified proctor method).
  • Determination of bearing capacity of soils (cbr).
  • Triaxial compressive strength tests.
  • Direct shear test.
  • One dimensional consolidation test.
  • Unconfined compression test.
  • Determination of residual strength using the small ring shear apparatus (bromhead).
  • Permeability of granular and fine-grained soils (constant and falling head).
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