Laboratory equipment

The laboratory disposes of all necessary equipment to overcome any problem of Quality Control and Geotechnical Engineering. All activities are in accordance with the Greek and International Specifications and the laboratory is certified according to the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A., under the distinctive title ‘’ESYD’’, and has a license from the Greek Ministry of Public Works. The laboratory can cover a wide range of laboratory tests as described below.

The laboratory is equipped with mew machines and devices of the well-known laboratory equipment providers Impact S.A., VJ Technology and GDS Instruments, manufactured according to the International Specifications EN, ISO, ASTM, AASHTO, DIN. AFNOR and B.S.

The laboratory equipment is supported by PC’s and specialized software for the logging, processing and presentation of data and results, targeting the absolute credibility of the lab tests.

The laboratory has a great capacity due to the wide range and the abundance of lab equipment.

For instance, we point out that we dispose of twelve (12) pneumatic loading consolidation frames with permeability measurement, ten (10) front loading consolidation frames, three (3) triaxial load frames with nine (9) cells of 35mm diameter and one (1) cell of 100mm diameter, one (1) ring shear apparatus (Bromhead) and three (3) direct shear apparatuses with individual consolidation benches and nine (9) shear boxes.

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