Additional drilling equipment


The following self-owned trucks and tank trucks are included in the drilling equipment, necessary for the prompt water supply and the rest of the needs for the drillings.

  • Truck (4×4) for the transport of the Diamec U6 drilling rig with detachable tank of 10 t.
  • Truck for the transport of the Boyles 17A drilling rig with non detachable tank of 5 t.
  • Truck for the transport of a Boyles 37A drilling rig with non-detachable tank of 4 t.
  • Truck (8×8) for equipment transportation with the option to convert in a water tank truck with non-detachable coach that carries a crane of 17t lifting capacity type Fassi 660XP.
  • Tank truck of 12 t of two axles, Mercedes 1720.
  • Tank truck of 2 t.
  • Three axles tractor with low profile platform of 19m for equipment transportation.
  • Six pick up cars 4Χ4, type Mitsubishi L200 for personnel transportation.
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